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We love comics and we know that YOU do. So we're bringing you more of the comics you want to read. Amazing art, great stories with dynamic action and heart-stopping romance. But no Hanky Panky! We're a family company, after all. We are a grassroots comics publisher from Canada, where people are crazy and creative enough to launch their own independent brand to make amazing comics, and the know-how to get it into the hands of YOU, our dear comicbook fans.

But more importantly we also have the grass. With roots.

FINALLY --- with that said, Mr. Comics is relaunching it's brand.

To borrow a phrase from a famous philosopher, poet and thespian whose name I can't recall, and a phrase that I'm sure to botch -- come join us for the ride. We are going to have so much FUN.

Watch Ty Templeton, Multi-Award Winning Artist and Writer, talk about the Planet of The Apes as the Co-Plotter/Editor of the series.

Interested to learn more? Check out our backstory in the news archive below.

From Our Archives

Check out these incredible comics that we have done in the past,
including the award-winning Revolution on the Planet of the Apes series.

Mr. Comics History

We are Canadian

What started from a group of people really interested in comics to now, where we are facing a relaunch of our brand, as a new publishing company honouring indie talent from across the globe. Mr. Comics is located right in the middle of Canada's talent pool. Close to the film industry -- Hollywood North, and surrounded by art and animation schools known around the world.

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